How Essential Oils are Extracted

essential oil for youMany different extraction methods are being used in the extraction and manufacture of essential oils and methods used typically depends on the type and amount of botanical materials used. The methods of extracting essential oils are through expression and distillation. The methods on how essential oils are extracted usually include use of dissolving and volatile solvents. Choosing extraction method provides different products as every process extracts different constituents from plants.


This process of extraction appears to have been widely practiced during the ancient times. Based on current interpretations and discovery of earthenware distillation apparatus, extraction or production of essential oils through distillation has been known for thousands of years.

During distillation, plant materials are positioned upon grid within the still. Once the materials are properly placed inside, still will be sealed and depending on the method, the steam will break slowly across the plant materials to eliminate its volatile components or constituents. The volatile constituents rise upward via connecting pipe which leads them to a condenser. This will then cool back the rising vapor to liquid form. Since water and essential oil do not mix, essential oils will naturally be found in the water’s surface where this is siphoned off. Essential oils are heavier than the water and found at the bottom and not on top. More information related to this can be found at


This pertains to the technique used in obtaining oils from peels and rinds of fruits such as mandarins, lemons and oranges. Rinds are being grated and pressed oils coming from torn cells are being collected in sponge and then squeezed out. During the previous years, this process is being done manually but now, this is facilitated using machines. Expression is also known as cold pressing, a process of extracting specific essential oils. There is also a more modern method of extraction being used today to extract essential oils.

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